Hungry shark world ep1(by Clifford Lazarus)

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There are Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats and hungry shark evolution cheat table.

Salut ! Aujourd’hui ont ce retrouve pour un hack de subway surfers !
Lien de Cheat Engine :
Lien de mon site :
Merci d’avoir regarder la vidéo ! Abonnez vous et mettez un j’aime !
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Cheat Engine Website
Cheat Table!7tkXSAAS!Do0a2z9Ci-KBtmBHvpFhXVOEpTD9DOBHfgwnktBu_og
some instructions :
•speed between 102 and 105.
•range between 10 and 20.
•gravity between 982 and 984.
•max speed is 150 if you put more than 150 you will get disconnection.
•lock current ammo if you play zombie or all weps.
•health and room settings require host to work if you not the host it’s will work virtual only.
•play ele mode with 1 min to farm.
•there is another part you can watch from toyhacker chanel.
•there is another hack with aimbot and esp will publish today.
•there is another hack for events i need 3 players with me to do it and publish here for all players.
•don’t pay in hacked game & fake game pay in original game they work on new game you can see news here

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